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The legal status of companies

The legal status of companies the legislative framework for company law has been improved to ensure the protection of shareholder rights. The central register also keeps companies’ legal records and serves as a public register to register companies, their documents, and financial…Read More »

ECHR rulings and jurisprudence

ECHR rulings and jurisprudence by the principle of “civil liability for insult and defamation,” insult according to the ECHR exists when a person with the intent to disparage, by the statement, conduct, publication, or otherwise expresses a contemptuous opinion of a person,…Read More »

The concept of the figure

The concept of the figure of defamation through the mass media┬áthe Court of Human Rights has always recognized the importance of freedom of expression and the media, which is one of the initial conditions for the proper functioning of democracy. It is…Read More »

Obstruction of electoral subjects

Obstruction of electoral subjects obstruction means any illegal behavior using various means and ways that impose the competent entities to avoid respecting the electoral law during the election period. Elements that individuals can use to disrupt the regular conduct of elections can…Read More »