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The legal status of companies

The legal status of companies the legislative framework for company law has been improved to ensure the protection of shareholder rights. The central register also keeps companies’ legal records and serves as a public register to register companies, their documents, and financial…Read More »

Activity of companies

Activity of companies Based on EURO STAT statistics and classifications, the main sectors of activity of companies in the EU are as follows: • Production • Construction • Retail and wholesale • Accommodation / food • Business services • Table – distribution…Read More »

Features of PPPs

Features of PPPs although there is no universal consensus on the definition of PPPs, the following elements mainly characterize PPPs: PPPs are usually contractual or institutional arrangements public sector and the private party to provide infrastructure services and other essential public services.…Read More »

Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies thus, according to point 1 of article 68 ‘, the limited liability company is a commercial company, established by natural or legal persons, who are not responsible for the company’s obligations and personally cover the company’s losses up to…Read More »